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Revvvvv your Durocs up to the....

Owned by Billey Showpigs & Parman and White Showpigs Housed at Ronnie Harrold's / Call 580-928-9710 for semen

.33 BF/7.49 LEA/275 lbs


STRESS NEGATIVE / $50 per dose

This Ferrari son takes extremeness to the REDLINE. We've looked long and hard for a Red Boar to be this good and still be stress negative. We went all the way to Indiana to make sure he made his home here.

He's got unheard of extension from snout to rump for a Duroc with this amount of WILD muscle....all packed onto a flawless frame. Are you having problems with soundness? This guy moves incredibly smooth off both ends and has that clean fronted, ripped muscle look that turns heads in the showring.

Are you tired of having a "good" Duroc? Winning the breed and not being able to compete in the Grand Drive? REVVVV UP YOUR DUROCS.....take them to the extreme with REDLINE.

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