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Spring Litters....

Redline X Phenomenal
Farrowed 11 on February 2, 2002

The foundation of our herd, a double-bred Phenomenal Sow purchased from Ronnie Harrold. This sow has consistently put us and others at the top of the Breed Shows, she also raised the "Clean Sweep" gilt. Because of her age and size, she was scheduled to leave after the last litter, but that was before we found REDLINE. I've never been this excited about a Duroc Boar, and with the job this sow does, we couldn't afford not to try Redline on her.

A little bit about this boar. I watched him grow up, made the trip to Indiana to get him and had several Boar Stud owners look at him to confirm he was as good as I thought. Justin Reels stopped by to view him and offered (unsolicited) to buy him. He's a changer and could be what the Duroc Breed needs to compete with the other majors. We believed in him so much that we've bred all of our red sows to him.

X Redwolf
Farrowed 17 on February 28, 2002

Here she is, the gilt we call CLEAN SWEEP. She won the State Fair of OK and the Tulsa State Fair in the same weekend. Picked by Rick Maloney and Kim Brock as the winner in two tough shows, we are thrilled to raise one this good. She was the only gilt raised out of her litter and undoubtedly the best Duroc Showpig we've ever bred. Of course, there was no question who we were going to breed her to, now the hard part is the wait for them to arrive.


Baditude X Reachin' Out
Farrowed 8 on March 1, 2002

We purchased this gilt from J.B. Latta. She had the "look" and the Reachin Out back on a Gladiator sow breeding was too hard to resist. She fulfilled our expectations, winning Reserve Breed Champion at the State Fair of Oklahoma. We'll admit she should have been bigger, but given that she was sick for two weeks that summer and went off feed, she recovered tremendously and grew out wonderfully after the show season. The only problem was, who do you breed one like this to? After seeing the Baditude offspring this fall, we knew we had to try them together. This match is MADE for the Showring.


Profiler X Lock N'Load(X Y2K)
Farrowed 10 on February 24, 2002

Aly decided she needed another Hamp and sent the order with me to Indiana. We bought this one on the recommendation of Brent Bolen and Todd Kennedy. I've been thoroughly impressed with the Y2K breeding, and she has the most muscle mass I've seen in a Hamp, but needed to be bigger framed. Of course, I asked Todd for help with a boar and he told me Profiler was the one. Here's a litter that should have GOBS of muscle in a pretty package.