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Fall Litters....

X Redwolf
Due August 2002

Here she is, the gilt we call CLEAN SWEEP. She won the State Fair of OK and the Tulsa State Fair in the same weekend. Picked by Rick Maloney and Kim Brock as the winner in two tough shows, we are thrilled to raise one this good. She was the only gilt raised out of her litter and undoubtedly the best Duroc Showpig we've ever bred. Redline is stamping his offspring with trademark length and leaness. Reports of winners are just starting to come in.

Hidden Secret X Lock N'Load(X Y2K)
Due August 2002

We bought this one on the recommendation of Brent Bolen and Todd Kennedy. I've been thoroughly impressed with the Y2K breeding, and she has the most muscle mass I've seen in a Hamp. Hidden Secret, you say? We found this boar by pure accident while visting Listen's. Bobby and Alecia bred Too Wide To Hide back to his Momma and came up with this fella. They told me he had some problems while growing up and decided rather than take a lesser amount for him as a showpig, they kept him for a boar. Smart move! He grew into an exceptional boar and his offspring should be awesome.

Purple Heart X Top Dawg
Due September 2002

Aly fell in love with Poland's when I brought home a little gilt from Randy and Tona Smith 6 years ago. That gilt placed at the top wherever she went and we raised many winners out of her after that. But it got so that minor breeds couldn't keep pace with the majors, so we got out. Last year as I was leaving for the Fall Classic, I asked Aly if there was anything she HAD to have and she told me she wanted a Poland Gilt as good as her first. As luck would have it, Tona Smith brought a very good one and we bought this gilt in the parking lot. She racked up Reserve Breed at several shows, including the Moormans's Classic, and reached her peak at our county where Kim Brock chose her as Reserve Grand Gilt Overall. I nearly fell off the fence rail. Our county is extremely competitive and Kim doesn't use a minor unless its a great one and that's exactly what he told the crowd. Of course, we kept her, but now the dilemma started. Finding a Poland boar that could make competitive offspring has been a major problem for a while now. I talked to Breeders and Boar Stud Owners and got no really positive responses. But Aly and I happened to be in El Reno one evening and stopped at Listen's to look at their Poland Boars. We went with Alecia's favorite. He could be wider topped, but he has DEFINITELY got the look that catches a judges eye and makes him follow the hog across the showring when the gate swings open. If you're interested in Poland's, you'll want to see these.